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VoiceBlade: Hosted IVR, SoftSwitch, Number Management and Billing all in one

Like A VoIP Switch. Only Better.

a fully hosted Telecommunications platform

Inbound Services (NGN)

Full Intelligent Network Functionality

Manage Unlimited Number Ranges

Multi-Tiered For Reseller Admin

Live & Historic Reporting

Traffic Profile Monitoring

Outbound Services (Wholesale)

Unlimited Capacity

Unlimited Interconnects

Full Transcoding

Integrated Comparison Tool

Quality Monitoring

Credit Limit Management

Advanced Diagnostics

IVR Services (Interactive Voice Response)

4000+ Simultaneous Calls

Virtually Infinite Scalability

Specialised Queue Control

Drag-drop IVR builder

Bespoke Development

Inbound-Outbound-Interactive A Winning Combination

The unique set of features integrated into a VoiceBlade system ensure that telecommunications platforms don’t get better than this. Whether you are transporting wholesale call traffic, operating a contact centre or are a carrier managing thousands of number ranges VoiceBlade will save you time and money.

What is VoiceBlade

Fully Hosted Platform - 100%

100% Complete

Everything In One Place - 100%

100% Complete

Increased Productivity - 100%

100% Complete

VoiceBlade is a high availability, fully hosted Telecommunications platform consisting of advanced software hosted on servers co-located in secure data centres. It combines the capabilities of a switch, an IVR platform and a billing system and makes these elements accessible via a single, easy to use web interface.

VoiceBlade offers its users unrivalled simplicity in managing interconnects, services, routing, billing and reporting for inbound, outbound and interactive telecommunications services - reducing the costs and streamlining the business processes involved in running a telecoms operation.

As the service is hosted, no capital expenditure is required, nor are there any other set-up costs. You pay either a small per minute fee for the traffic you run through your VoiceBlade system or a monthly rental if you prefer a fixed cost model.

  • Big discounts with volume
  • Pay as you go or pay monthly
  • No monthly server rental
  • No extra bandwidth costs
  • No additional software necessary

Screen shots


List customers and suppliers


Account details


Add IP address


List numbers


View by number


Edit number


Acclocate number




VoiceBlade is a modular system and offers the features you would expect from both a Class 5 and Class 4 softswitch. VoiceBlade is charged for on a per minute basis at the rates contained in the tables below. Invoices are issued at the end of every month and are due for payment 15 days from presentation.


Minutes* Per Month Rate Applied – £
0-999,999 0.003
1,000,000-2,999,999 0.0028
3,000,000 -9,999,999 0.0026
10,000,000+ 0.0024


Minutes* Per Month Rate Applied – £
0-999,999 0.0008
1,000,000-2,999,999 0.00067
3,000,000 -9,999,999 0.0006
10,000,000+ 0.00055

* Min charge of £300 per month applies

Getting Started

There is a demo system available so you can assess the functionality of VoiceBlade and decide if it is right for your business prior to ordering.

Please go to demo.teleblade.net and enter the following credentials to access the demo system:

Username: demo

Password: demo

Download the quick start guide to the numbers module here

Download the wholesale module instructions here

The demo system is fully operational – you can add your own interconnects, route your own numbers and switch traffic. The differences between the demo system and a full VoiceBlade deployment are:

The DEMO system has limited capacity so is not suitable for running a commercial operation. Full VoiceBlade systems are capable of switching hundreds of simultaneous calls. The database on the demo system resets every 24 hours at 00:00 GMT so any information entered will be lost.

If you decide to order a system, please complete the form below. We will then build your system and send your user name and password, usually within three hours of receipt. Please note we do require full name and address details to proceed with a system build, and customers that we are not able to credit check may have to pay a deposit.


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